Updated April 21st, 2018

Spring is finally showing signs of actually arriving! Our pastry squad has been busy creating all kinds of new pastries, and we're also ramping up production of Vic's Ice Cream in preparation for warmer weather! We've put Maine Black Bear, Rum Raisin, Carrot Cake, and Pistachio back in rotation, with a bunch more coming every week. In other news, we are working on bringing our website up to speed...which, sadly for me (or not!) means handing the reigns to someone who knows what the heck they're doing! Should see some changes coming in a few weeks, and then regular updates instead of bi-monthly. In the meantime, the facebook page still gets regular attention. Lots of entertainment coming up in May as well!
We now have bi-weekly Open Mic nights every other Thursday, and monthly Poetry nights every second Wednesday upstairs in The Loft.
Did you know that we also rent out the upstairs for business meetings, seminars, and presentations? For more information, you can contact me via email.
For a full schedule, check out the Events page.
That's all for now, see you 'round the cafe!
See you 'round the cafe!

Vic's Ice Cream

Vic's Home Made Ice Cream

We now have delicious home made ice cream year 'round! No additives, preservatives, gums, or other gunk...just fresh dairy, cane sugar, and natural ingredients. We have now created a total of approximately 30ish flavors, including Coffee, Cookies n Cream, Strawberry-Banana, Triple Chocolate, Dutch Chocolate, M&M, Maple Walnut, Chai-scream, Matcha(Green Tea), Honey-Vanilla, Vanilla, Coffee-Oreo, Rum Raisin, and more! We also feature flavors for every season, such as Strawberry-Rhubarb and Cherry Bomb in the spring, Maple Bacon and Coconut in the summer, Pumpkin and Caramel Apple in the fall, and Egg Nog and Candy Cane for the holidays! And there will always be something new, so stop in and check it out!

Bow Wow Biscuit Bakery

Bow Wow Biscuit Co.

If you like to pamper your pooch, then we've got you covered! Our homemade doggie treats come in all shapes and sizes and are guaranteed to please even the pickiest pet! Check out our facebook page for more details!

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Discover Putnam

Putnam is a thriving community, with lots of things to see and do all year 'round! For more information about events, places, and things to do, visit the Discover Putnam website!